Sunday, 30 May 2010

Style Icon #3: Florence Welch


 Besides going to Glastonbury this year, I cannot wait to see Florence perform at Cardiff Castle in only 11 days (yes, I am counting down)! But, besides being praised for her amazing singing voice, she is also known for her impeccable style. She is the kind of girl who always looks 'effortlessly cool', and is able to pull of looks that most people would look ridiculous in (be honest; would most people look good in the golden jumpsuit she wore to the Brit Awards?). She is also a woman of extremes; she loves black, and over-the-top floaty dresses. Personally, her hair is the thing I love most about her; she is great at pulling off the whole 'messy hair' look, and with her red locks and her height (she's 5' 11½") she definitely stands out from the crowd. If you haven't heard of Florence and the Machine before, please let me do the honour of introducing her to you:



  1. Shes so dam cool!

  2. God, I love her.. If you haven't seen her before - you're gonna be amazined! I saw her at Leeds Festival last year... It was chucking it down and my friend had bare feet (??), yet we still stood there and sang along she was that good haha :)


  3. Yeah I definitely cannot wait, so excited! Haha why did your friend have bare feet?! Insane lol! But she must have been worth it then:)

    Thanks for all your lovely comments


  4. Oh youre so lucky being able to see her.
    She has such great style.

    Lydia xxx

  5. I like her black pieces!


  6. ahh no way your going to glastonbury! soo jealous your going! i totally agree florence is ultra cool, effortless style and her music is just so unique. and your right about her hair, it just tops it all off!

  7. she looks great!!!

  8. Lucky!

    Fabulous post, loving your blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa


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