Thursday, 13 September 2012

Zara Lookbook Love

I have recently been trying to avoid Zara altogether as I am on a serious budget before I move down to London! However, I could not resist having a little peek at their latest Lookbook.  So far, I am loving what I am seeing of their Autumn/Winter collection. I am a big fan of the military style, studs, and mix of leather and wool. Now if only I could afford the hefty price tag which inevitably comes with these luxury items...

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sorry mum...Tattoo inspiration

I really want a tattoo to commemorate the end of my final year at university! However, I am really not sure what I want. Therefore, I've been going through various Tumblr pages in the hope to find something which might inspire me. In the meantime, I have picked a few of my favourite tattoos and made them into a collage. As you can see, I prefer smaller and more subtle tattoos over big ones (although I must admit: there is something quite sexy about men with tattoo sleeves - unfortunately I'd be pretty scared to take them home to meet my parents!).  I will let you know once I have had mine this space! 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

My Third Year.

Firstly, I cannot believe it is June already! And secondly, I am also turning 21 this month, which is crazy, considering that I started blogging 3 years ago when I was just 18 years old (oh…those were the days!). It is safe to say that my third year at university has been the most enjoyable but also the most difficult year of my life. A lot of rapid changes have occurred in the space of 9 months. I have both lost and gained a best friend, and have had a lot of growing up to do. But similarly, I have met so many new people this year and have made quite a few amazing friends. My three years at university are now drawing to a close, and I can honestly say that moving countries has been the best decision I have ever made. You learn so much about yourself (your good, and inevitably, bad habits) and I do believe that I have made friends for life. There's no comparison between the person I am today and the somewhat shy and perhaps a little bit too blunt girl who moved into halls 3 years ago. Even though I am quite sad that this part of my life is coming to an end, I am excited about starting a new chapter. If goes everything goes right, I will be doing an MA in Magazine Journalism at City University this September. London, here I come!  

Friday, 9 March 2012

Tune of the Day: R U Mine?

For those of you who haven't yet heard their latest song R U Mine? (if this is true - what have you been doing?!), make sure to watch the video above. Trust me, it will get into your head. I wish this song could be the theme tune to my life, as it is pretty rock 'n roll (the song, not my life - unfortunately my life as a third year student doesn't involve that much rock 'n roll, or any of the other elements for that matter). Oh, and Alex Turner is looking pretty fine. So there you go, enough reasons to press play.

So what is this obsession with unhealthy looking models?

Maybe I'm just pointing this out because I'm having a really bad day and therefore instantly become a lot more critical of my surroundings, or maybe it's because my degree has finally turned my into a cynic. But as I was going through Marni for H&M's PR material, I couldn't help but notice how unhealthy (and unhappy!) the model looks. 

Aymeline Valade's skin has a grey tone to it, her arms are stick-thin and her face looks gaunt. H&M have declared before that they sustain a certain advertising policy in which they strongly distance themselves from alcohol and drug abuse, and they also claim that they do not work with models who are significantly underweight. However, this picture has made me question their policies. Quite frankly, I just do not see the appeal in using models who look like they are about to collapse - someone please get her a sandwich! Surely more women would be tempted to buy the clothes if they look amazing on healthy-looking models who are not a size zero? Or am I just the only one thinking this? I believe that young girls should not have to strive to become this unhealthy and unrealistic image. 

And if there are any boys out there reading this - I cannot imagine that this is what they want their ideal woman to look like? What do you think?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Girl Crush: Zooey Deschanel

My male friends will not stop talking about her. My female friends won't either. I think it's time we all made a confession: we are officially obsessed with Zooey Deschanel. New Girl is proving to be a real hit, as she plays a quirky yet adorable girl who moves in with three male flatmates. Besides the fact that I personally think she resembles a more natural looking Katy Perry (they could practically be sisters, am I right?), I also love her for her amazing style. 

Effortlessly stylish and always incredibly feminine, Zooey can usually be found wearing dresses or skirts with lots of lace detailing (a girl after my own heart!). You will never find her in a promiscuous outfit - she is all about class. I think many girls could  certainly take a leaf out of her book; less is most definitely not more! 

How to be inspired by Zooey's style...

I love these polka dot heeled sandals - I can just imagine Zooey wearing them with a simple yet feminine dress. These beauties from ASOS are only 35 pounds and the chunky heel will provide some extra comfort.

Another item which I can definitely imagine Zooey wearing is this lace strappy dress from good old Topshop. The soft lemon colour is right on trend and I love the crochet detailing. A real spring must-have! 

....with a bit of a twist!

Finally, as Zooey's style is so overtly feminine, it could all become a little bit too sweet! Therefore, why not add in this pyramid stud belt from Miss Selfridge to create a little bit of an 'edge'?

Who else has a massive girl crush on Zooey? Are you inspired by her style?

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Inspiration of the Day: Fishtail Braid

...someone please do my hair?

Dear Santa...

If money wasn't an issue, I know exactly what I'd ask for Christmas...A Balmain dress. You just have to love the detailing, sequins and its overall festive feeling. A girl has got to dream, right?

What's on your ultimate Christmas list? Please leave a comment, and do not forget to follow! :)