Sunday, 6 June 2010

Fashion must-have of the week: Summer Skirts

Lately, a lot of celebrities have been spotted wearing a typical but key item that every girl needs to have in their summer wardrobe; a summer skirt. There are loads around, and seeing that there are so many different ones (ranging from patterned skirts to simple plain ones), it's almost certain that you'll find one you'll like. I've chosen a few celebrity styles which have definitely inspired me. My favourite outfit is probably Reese Witherspoon's, because she combined her skirt with a T-shirt for a classic look, but still mixed it up with a denim jacket to make it a bit edgier. Also, combining summer skirts with flats will make you look extra feminine.

My second favourite outfit is definitely Sienna Miller's (which is quite logical, seeing that she has been on the best-dressed lists for years). I love the combination of the skirt with a simple grey top, and how she accentuates her accessories (those sandals! that hat!). If only I could have her wardrobe...I have also picked out a few of my own favourites:

Topshop, £15

Urban Outfitters, £19.99

River Island, £21.99

New Look, £20

What do you think of my chosen items? Leave a comment, and please do not hesitate to follow!


  1. My favourite is Urban Outfiters skirt
    Thanks for your lovely comment

  2. BTW, I only follow my followers :(
    So if you want me to follow you, You have to follow me back

  3. ohh,,they r pretty.
    gosh, I think I must buy a new skirt.


  4. Really like the stiped one from New Look :)

  5. I love Diane Kruger's style. I have a black version of that white Topshop skirt.:)SarahD

  6. love the urban outfitter one! and so cheap too!



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