Friday, 11 June 2010

Florence and the Machine - 10/06/2010

Last night Florence and the Machine performed at Cooper's Field in Cardiff, inside a massive tent. There isn't a lot I can say, besides that it was amazing. Her voice is incredible, and the atmosphere and feedback from the crowd was great. I loved her outfit as well; she was wearing a long, white floaty dress (very Florence, if I may say so myself), and was still rocking her bright red hair. Her stage presence was, as always, impeccable. She is known for letting herself go and this time she definitely did not disappoint, as she ran and danced across the stage! The only negative part about the performance was the quality of the sound at some points during the performance; that could have definitely been a lot better. Because my camera is very old (dating back to 2003! shocking!), the quality of my pictures isn't that good. Still, here are a few of my own pictures:

Picture taken by: Dan Dennison

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  1. oh im so jelous!
    an enormous fan :)
    lovely blog, thanks for sharing these photos x

  2. "Her voice is incredible" Indeed! The first picture is pretty awesome. Lucky :)


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