Thursday, 17 June 2010

More Nicole Richie awesomeness

...and the amazing outfits just keep coming! Nicole Richie was in Australia this weekend and wore some great pieces. I love the jacket in the first outfit; the studs really put an edge on the outfit. This winter I am definitely copying her second outfit (those glasses! loving those!); I love how she combined those different colours and still managed to pull it off perfectly. But, my favourite is her third outfit; I totally want that jacket! Furthermore, don't you think she looks so much better and healthier after having her babies? I'm thinking about dying my hair the same kind of colour, what do you think?

What do you think of these outfits? Which one is your favourite? Please leave a comment, and do not hesitate to follow!


  1. She looks fantastic. I love all her outfits.:)SarahD

  2. Thanks for the comment:)

    love the pics.

    Btw...i hope you're following me..

    "see" ya soon


  3. i love nicole <3 <3
    xx simona

  4. Definitely the first one, since the scarf isn't working for her and she looks like a sack of fast food wrappers in the last one. Seriously- do your hair.

  5. è adorabile.

  6. She has a really good taste. I'm in love with those Chanel sunglasses, they're on my top5 of my wishlist. Love xxx

  7. Miss Richie is gorgeous and has blossomed so much since having her children. I prefer her brunette :)

  8. hey :')!
    i agree, she looks so much healthier after having children, she looks really good!
    die your hair this colour! its gorgeous! i think it would look lovely
    i'm a new follower to your blog, care to do the same :)?

    love, ruth xo

  9. The divine Miss Richie is my current style crush, I currently coveted a pair of brown peep toes from her House of Harlow range!


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