Friday, 2 July 2010

Coco Rocha for VOGUE's 'Today I'm wearing..'

Every month a different celebrity shows off their wardrobe by showing what they're wearing for every day of the month; and after some big names like Daisy Lowe and Olivia Palermo, the torch was handed over to the lovely Coco Rocha! I'm extremely excited about this choice, because I personally think she's such an amazing model and a great inspiration. It's only been the second day so far, but I like what I'm seeing! I love how those shorts and that dress are from Topshop; it makes you feel so much better about your own wardrobe (Who needs Chanel? We've got Topshop!).

Day 1: 'Hello VOGUE.COM! Today I'm wearing a top from Neu Store, Topshop shorts, Aldo shoes and vintage sunglasses.'

Day 2: 'Today I have on a Topshop dress and men's jacket (borrowed from my husband, James) with Aldo shoes, vintage sunglasses and a purse I found at a vintage fair in Australia.'

What do you think of her outfits so far? Like or dislike? Please leave a comment, and do not hesitate to follow!


  1. I love her so much! i think this a great thing vogue are doing :)

  2. I love the first outfit, it is very boho chic!!

  3. Love and adore Coco!

    Great pictures love:)


    P. S. Loving your blog, following, follow me?


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