Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Cover disaster?!

Miu Miu must be very pleased. The magazine editors are probably not happy in the slightest...because W magazine, the British ELLE and VOGUE all feature the same Miu Miu dress on the cover! Actress Freja Beha Erichsen wore the orange Miu Miu on the August cover of Vogue UK, Lily Allen in lavender Miu Miu on the August cover of British Elle (center), and Eva Mendes in yellow Miu Miu on July cover of W magazine. It probably feels a bit like spending ages getting ready for a party wearing a new dress, and then when turning up at the party you discover that someone else is wearing the exact same piece...ouch!

Anyway, it's great publicity for Miu Miu. Their A/W collection was extremely popular and there already is a waiting list of 200 before the dress comes out this Autumn! Furthermore, all three covers are so different;  the cover models have such different body shapes that the dress looks completely different anyway. For example, I feel the dress looks a bit more risqué on Eva Mendes 'cause of her bigger bust. But therefore the W cover is definitely my favourite!

What do you think of these covers? Should these incidents be avoided at all costs? Also; which cover is your favourite? Please leave a comment, and do not hesitate to follow!


  1. The W cover is my favourite as well, but my favourite color would be the lavender one.

    And I guess it's a good thing for Miu Miu, this invasion.. :-) But it comes off as if the fashion world doesn't have anything else to offer, since the same dress is appearing on 3 different covers..sad :-(


  2. Gorgeous Miu Miu covers. My favourite is Lily Allen for Elle.:)SarahD

  3. Definitely to be avoided in the future! its like turning up to a party and someone else is wearing the exact same outfit: embarrassing to say the least and you can't escape being compared to one another. Magazines are getting sloppy nowadays if they have allowed this to happen.


  4. I love Lily in lilac but I also really like Eva's W cover...
    I think it just shows off the fabulous dress, and it's great publicity for Miu Miu. So I think it's okay that 23435 magazines featured it on the cover. [I'm kidding about the 23435 :) lol]


  5. Such a pretty dress, great publicity for Miu Miu but I can imagine that quite a few Magazine Editors were cross on the publication days. Would love to know what Anna Wintour thought?

  6. I love the lavender dress, but i also love how fresh freja looks in hers! I actually had spent too much time focusing on whether I wantred any of the shoes to notice the clothing initially, terrible huh?!


  7. WOAH! Thats madness!!! I think its okay that they all used the same dress though since its a different color and the styling is different for all of them. The magazines are probably not happy at all though :p

  8. the dresses are great even if they lean a bit on the obscure side, they are good but only for casuals, will not do as formals

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  10. hahaha! this was so funny, it was all over the news! on the other hand, i adore Miu Miu, it is so good for the brand, great publicity as you said..

    my fave? the elle cover because of the colors.



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