Friday, 9 July 2010

..Finally, reality kicks in!

Because of the blazing heat outside (with temperatures rising to 35 degrees Celsius), I was in one of my 'I can't be bothered to do anything but relax' moods, and decided I wanted to get myself a magazine so I could sit in the shade and forget about the real world for a while. After cycling all the way to the newsagent, another dilemma arised; what magazine to pick? The Dutch ELLE didn't seem interesting at all, and the British VOGUE was incredibly expensive (15 euros + poor student = not a chance). After walking down the aisle a few times, inbetween all of the photoshopped and perfect covers, I found something interesting: a magazine called 'Miss Real'.

The text on the model's face already drew me in: 'Beauty Wrapped In A Body'. What do they mean? Is this the typical 'beauty comes from the inside' kind of message? I was intrigued, and determined to see what the makers of the magazine had to say. In short, for those who cannot speak the amazingly complex Dutch language; it is all about self-image, and how we shouldn't blame the media entirely for making women have an unhealthy self esteem, but see it as a tool to make women (and men, may I add) feel more happy about themselves. Because with the Dutch having an average size of 42 (size 14 in UK measurements), you're not going to be happy about your body when it differs from all those size 0 models who are seen everywhere; from television and billboards to magazines.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the magazine. I loved how they got different sized women (from XXS tot XXL) into the same clothes, to show that no matter what size you are, you can still look amazing. Also, they didn't use photoshop throughout the magazine; so you know that all of the pictures are real. Still, I would have rather seen multiple opinions and views throughout the magazine; it was just too one-sided. Also, it wasn't clear who they were blaming. After another 'do not blame the media!' I couldn't help but think; 'fine, but who is to blame?'. Overall, a great idea for a magazine but I'm not sure about how they worked out all of their ideas. 

If you want a preview of the magazine, follow this link:

Also, I found another amazing Dove video which is called 'Beauty Pressure'. I don't want to spoil it, so I suggest that you just watch it and make up your own mind!

But now, the all important part: What do YOU think about size 0 models? Do they bother you and make you feel insecure? And do you feel like there should be more plussize models in the fashion industry? Please leave a comment, and do not hesitate to follow!


  1. I love fashion, but I do think that the industry is unfair and unjust but it's the way it is.

    My parents are both Mexican and in my culture, curves are beautiful and they are embraced. I prefer curves over stick thin.

    We need more of gorgeous women like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian to let girls know to be healthy and it's ok to have a booty and hips.


  2. Oooh yes great post! :D Its good that a magazine features people of all sizes. Not everyone is a twig afterall!

  3. The size 0 debate - as a plus-size woman (can vary from size 16 - 20)its been interesting and fantastic to see the plus-size mannequins in shop windows and the plus-size models on the catwalk but I think there is still more to be done. As a plus size woman who loves fashion, there are still limited shopping options for me, the high street simply does not cater enough for those in size 16 and over. On the other side of the debate it is worrying to see young woman starve themselves to a size zero just to wear the latest trend. I was seriously underweight (actually would have been a size zero) as a young girl due to health complications the pictures of me with my ribs and spine sticking out were horrific but we see similar on the catwalk and its seems almost acceptable in the fashion world. Its extremely sad.

  4. Really great post!Totally enjoyed reading!

  5. love the video.. it's so much more shocking when it's bombarded at you like that... wow.



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