Sunday, 29 August 2010

Exclusive Preview: Primark A/W Collection

Exclusive pictures of Primark's Autumn/Winter collection have just been released, and so far, it's looking pretty good! They have incorporated a lot of this season's catwalk trends into their collection, so you can expect to look very fashionable for a customer friendly price (read: cheap!). Personally, I love the aviator jacket and the apres-ski inspired dress.Very warm, and extremely cute! The only foreseeable problem I could think of is the quality of the pieces; the garments normally look great on the models, but when worn in the store, something just doesn't look right. But, who knows, it's always worth a try. The collection is coming out at the end of August, so keep checking your local Primark!

All pictures are property of Primark

Which pieces are your favourite? Will you be hunting down your local Primark for this A/W collection?


  1. Love the last look, particularly the shoes and trousers. Can't wait for a shopping spree in Primark! Can't deny the value for money.

  2. i love the third look so much! it's brilliant!


  3. I like the first and third look, they look expensive but you're right the quality can be disappointing sometimes when you find the product in Primark. I know that they have to pack the store to make the most sales but sometimes the clothes are too crushed and creased that they look like they have been in a jumble sale.

  4. ahhh i love those russian fur hats! what are they called again?? trapper hats? eheheh
    ive never quite understood peeptoe booties, it just doesnt make sense, but looks great! haha

  5. I love the last look ! so beautiful =D


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