Saturday, 4 September 2010

All Important Basics: The Blazer

Before you start wearing your thick and heavy coats again, blazers are the perfect item for early autumn days. It is one of the most essential pieces you have to have in your wardrobe. If you want to dress up or dress down, you can combine it whatever way you want. Seen being worn from the office to the pub, from cropped pieces to the oversized boyfriend blazer, you just cannot go wrong with this all important basic. Top-tip: update old blazers with shoulder pads or military buttons to give them a little more 'edge'.  

 Blazers (from top to bottom): ASOS (first three), Zara, Topshop

Streetstyle inspiration:

Which blazer is your favourite? And whose streetstyle outfit do you find most inspiring?


  1. LOVE them all!! My favorite blazer is erm...I can't pick XD
    And street style....not really fond of those XD

  2. Ooh, I love the first blazer! And the second streetstyle outfit :)

    hope you're having a good weekend :)


  3. i love the second blazer...
    and gosh i need to say youre blog is gorgeus!
    i love youre header need to follow u!

  4. I love the first and third blazer. I've got one like the first one but I would LOVE to own one such as the second, it is so feminine. I have been searching for the perfect white blazer though as well, still on the hunt!

  5. Love blazers. Well excluding the ones you had to wear for school :P

  6. Blazers? YES! They're so great. I love the navy blazer with the ruffled hem and the black and white blazer is cool, too. Great post!

  7. I will never tire of blazers.

    Love Grace.

  8. I love the third blazer.

    I think blazers are a great way to look more pulled together in jeans and a tee. Even better, it's can totally change the look of an ensemble.

    Come by and get to know me at

  9. i couldn't agree more! blazers are PERFECT for these transitional days, so basic but so chic! thanks for sharing these :)

    oh! and it's the last day to join my little giveaway! don't miss out :)

  10. I love blazers, they are so versatile!!!


  11. Thanks for dropping by my blog (:

    Autumn is almost here in the US and I'm totally in the mood for blazers, they fit in so well with the weather. I always love to match them with shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans, basically everything in the colder weather.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  12. these are amazing blazers!!! nothing beats a structured blazer to make an outfit fabulous. loving your posts as always :)

  13. I have that waterfall one from asos in my wishlist...

  14. gosh those blazers are so pretty.

  15. I love the 4th blazer I am such a fan of navy with beautiful antique metallic buttons. :)

    P.S: I would love to stay in touch with you and maybe even become blog friends. How do you feel about following and/ or doing a link exchange with my blog. I'll return the favour right away.

    Love from Canada

  16. i like the 3rd and 4th blazer the most. navy blue is so classy! the 4th one has sth of a school uniform. i like that!
    and the streetstyle...maybye the first pic. i would wear it right away!

  17. mmmm i love how you put these photos together!
    such cohesive posts! and i love how there's a range of blazers, if you had one of each, you'd have nooo stressful morning rummaging through the closet!

  18. i love blazers !
    nice blog!
    if you like my blog, please follow me & I follow you back.

  19. I'm a huge fan of blazers and definitely believe they are and essential item for every closet.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I am following you! :)

    <3, natasha

  20. Thanks for checking out my blog!!! You have a wonderful blog yourself - I love all of your inspirational posts - especially the leaopard print - I am in love with the topshop coat!!!

    I will be back as I am following you now!!


  21. Vancouver is awesome! that's cool you got the chance to visit it in the summer - heard it's really beautiful in the summer :)

    Cool blog! I'm loving the styles you love :P

  22. I love blazers! The second and third ones are my faves, and the first streetstyle look is the one I like most. I'm following you too now, lady!

    Love, E

  23. Following.

    Blazers are so amazing, I need a new one for fall this year because my old one isn't going to cut it. :P

    Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day !

    xxxx Amanda

  24. ooh i love blazers! i have several ( :

    thanks for the comment! i love your blog, now following you

  25. I love those blazers you have featured here especially that grey one, you have great taste!!!

    I'm new to your blog...just followed :)

  26. I will check them out from Zara and Topshop! Blessed my country has that! I love the blazer, thanks for sharing a great post, x

  27. Yes, yes! Bring on the Blazers! So excited for the Fall season!

  28. Hey thanks for your comment on my blog! I love the look of blazers, despite me not having my own when it was autumn. I do so wished I had a blazer!

    Will be visiting again for sure!

    xx Carina

  29. Great blazers. Love the 2nd and the last. :)SarahD

  30. the second one is my favourite.xx

  31. oh, the chicness of a nicely cut blazer, i love all of em!

  32. unfortunately the only blazer i currently own is my school blazer! although i'm still on the search for a perfect blazer! that first look is my favourite :) your blog is super cute ♥


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