Friday, 17 September 2010

Trend Alert: Midi- and Maxi-Length Skirts

I'm a real short skirt kind of girl. Normally, anything over the knee (or even near the knee) would be met with the automatic response of 'Err, how old-fashioned!'. But over the last year, something has changed. I think it all started with the maxi-dress, which opened my eyes to a whole new world of exciting lengths. And now autumn is approaching, I think I might give these Midi- and Maxi-length skirts a go ('cause you've got to admit: short skirts don't keep you warm whatsoever!). They're extremely popular at the moment, and are seen everywhere, from red carpet-events to regular fashionistas on the street. Don't know what kind to wear? Then don't despair; the midi-length skirts fall just below the knee, whereas the maxi-length skirts go right down to the floor. From floaty designs to dark colours, everything is possible, as long as you keep one crucial thing in mind: always add a pair of heels. Oh, and some confidence. 

High street Favourites

Items from top to bottom: Miss Selfridge, ASOS, Topshop

Celebrity examples

 Alexa Chung

Carey Mulligan

Diane Kruger

Street style inspiration

Sorry for the long post, there are just so many great examples! What do you think of these midi- and maxi-length skirts? Love 'em or Bin 'em?


  1. There are a few maxi skirts I've seen which I love, but then I have no idea what to wear them with in winter to keep warm on top- to me, maxi skirts are normally worn with a light vest or tee! So any advice would be great! Love Carey Mulligan's look too.

  2. That is actually a really good idea, I might do a post on how to wear a maxi-skirt! Thank you for your comments, I do appreciate them a LOT.


  3. they're fabulouuuss!
    damn..i've chopped off all my long vintage skirts and made them mini :(
    i knew this was going to happen!!!
    now i need mooooree!
    i esp. loveLOVE the last 2 pics <3 inspired!!

  4. Hey girl! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Love this post. Great choices especially Carey Mulligan

    xoxo, jaz

  5. I love looking at these kind of skirts, but I wouldn't wear them in the near future haha :) great post though!!


    thank you so much for following, of course I'll follow you back (with bloglovin)

  6. I still can't decide whether i like them or not! Great selection of pics xo

  7. I am a short girl too so I would have to find one for petites or get it hemmed. They are all lovely

  8. that skirt would look fab with some combat boots


  9. Love this blog!
    You have a new follower!

    I'm not sure about maxi skirts... but they look great in these pictures!

    i'd love for you to check out my blog

  10. I'm *obsessed* with maxi skirts lately, I just ordered 2 on ebay yesterday and have been wearing my maxi dress as a skirt the past 2 days in a row, lol! So, I vote "love em"! :D


  11. That green skirt and taupe sweater are killing me!

    Love Grace.

  12. Old fashioned is really "in" right now. I like the style.

  13. I love long maxi skirts, and maxi dresses. Great collage of photos : )

  14. i love longer skirts these days !
    they're one of those easy chic pieces !


  15. Thank you so much, I'm following you back!=)

  16. i love those skirts <3 looks totaly awesome


  17. i really like maxi dresses, a lot more than the maxi skirts!

  18. reminds me of my latest post! maxis are amazing and will hopefully be huge this season :)

    thanks so much for your sweet comment! it meant the world to me. thanks for stopping by!

    love always,

  19. i think maxi-length skirts are lil bit critical. if you are a short person it just looks ridiculous (like on me). i don't think i'll get this look, but i like your post. the streetstyle-pics are over-the-top again!

  20. I really like Carey Mulligan's look, but for me I think I would have to do a maxi skirt instead of something that hits at mid calf.

    Happy weekend!!!

  21. such a fabulous selection and examples of the midi/maxi much inspiration to draw from. alexa chung and carrey mulligan are nailing this look!

  22. I haven't fully embraced this trend myself, though the striped maxi might make me sway.

    Chic on the Cheap

  23. Really enjoy your blog-good stuff!!

  24. I absolutely LOVE seeing longer lengths making a comeback... so ladylike, so classy! But being super small, I'm just not sure if I can pull if off, sans heels. Yeah I'm too chicken! :P


  25. Finally I have a maxi skirt but I don't know how to wear it..

  26. tnx for your comment xoxo :)


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