Saturday, 23 October 2010

And my favourite sales items are...

I'm not going to lie: normally, sales aren't really my cup of tea. I hate the crowds, the fact that most pieces aren't available in your size and how all the items are randomly piled up together- I never ever come back with a bargain (I most certainly believe it acquires some skill and effort to find something great, which I unfortunately do not have). Nevertheless, I was browsing through some of the most recent sales, and found some amazing items that restored some of my hope that had been lost for a long time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do....and if you've got some extra money, then by all means: go for it, but do hurry!

Are you also a sales-hater? Have any of these pieces changed your mind (even a tiny little bit)? Please leave a comment, as I love getting them and do not forget to follow!


  1. I absolutely LOVE sales! I always manage to be quite lucky - esp at the Karen Walker under $150 sale, I usually get a great dress or two.

    I managed to pick up a sweet pair of heels from the topshop sale recently! xx

  2. i love those earrings but they sold out :( topshop sales are especially hectic, oxford street is chaos!

  3. i'm a warehouse sales virgin! i've only heard bad things.. people come back regretting purchases all the time, and trying to sell on ebay --> which sometimes works out realllyy well for them, making a substantial profit! lol
    but otherwise, i do love digging through shopping centre sales :) grabbing a bargain!

  4. I completely love those shoes!.
    Haha yeah i'm also a sales hater, but not for the
    sales itself but for the crowd, so stressful!
    But i guess sometimes i have luck and i get some
    unique items that for me have become precious!
    Really nice blog! Followed you yesterday and i saw
    this post and it's REALLY nice.
    [if you want to take a look ;)]

  5. Hey Leonie! My main one is

    But for fashion is

    Subscribe to either, it doesn't matter!
    thanks for leaving a comment it really surprised me!

    Xx-Hope to see more posts of you !

  6. I'm like you and hate sales! Well, Topshop ones anyway.. I went into Topshop on Friday and was pushed and shoved in every direction (nearly falling onto a pram, may I add). I just ended up in the underwear sale rack cause that's usually deserted :)


  7. love the denim gilet & the earrings! im a sucker for sales, the only thing i hate is when i buy something and the next day its in the sale and going for half price or something!xx

  8. I actually do love sales! I always come home with great cheap things :) i love your blog!

  9. Awesome :)
    Please check out my blog and give me feedback on what you'd like to see!


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