Saturday, 13 November 2010

Saturday Picks

So after another day of work and watching the X factor, I got rather bored and started internet browsing. I have to say, most winter items out there right now are pretty amazing! So that is exactly why I've made a collection of my favourite items for this week. Something which I really want to get are those sequined Topshop shorts! But then the usual dilemma I brave enough to wear it out? Probably not. Something which I will be getting, and I'm so glad that I can actually say this, are those Reiss wedges! I can't wait to wear them out; they are my favourite item of the year (and there's only one month left, which means I can start looking for my new favourite item pretty soon hehe)! 

What do you think of my chosen items? Which item would you buy? Please leave a comment, as I love getting feedback! I'll make sure to return the favour!


  1. ohh em geee i'm so in love with those cute leopard print mittens!! :)
    and those shooes are gorgeeeous :)
    and yes i am too totally loving those shorts..but wondering when oh when are they to be worn! but thenn..whenever i'm thinking about purchasing an item, i can think of millions of scenarios and combinations, but once i get them, i realise how ambitious i was haha
    but yay! have fun with your Reiss wedges!

  2. great stuffs, totally love the wedges <3


  3. Everything is amazing! Especially that river island dress x

  4. those sequined shorts need to make their way into my closet asap

  5. Love the earrings and I'm with you on the sequined shorts!

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