Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Latest Fashion Buy: MANGO Playsuit

So after going into town today, I decided to walk into the (quite) recently opened MANGO in Cardiff! Even though I absolutely love the brand, it always reminded me a bit of Zara, and was expecting a messy jumble sale (which is normally the state of any particular Zara at the end of a busy day). I couldn't be more wrong. The layout of the shop was incredibly clean-cut and professional, and had a high-fashion feel to it. And then I saw something which I had been looking for for absolute ages: a khaki coloured playsuit. It fitted perfectly, and was exactly what I wanted for my big trip to Istanbul in two weeks time! I am planning on wearing it with some golden bangles, a big chunky necklace and my tan heels. Now, I already have had some comments about the fact that we are currently entering Autumn/Winter, but I simply could not refuse. And who knows, I might be able to wear it with a blazer, some ankle boots and chunky tights?! After all, most of my winter wardrobe consists of my summer wardrobe with an added piece of knitwear!

What do you think of this khaki coloured playsuit? A great fashion buy or not?

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