Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A/W Collection River Island

The River Island Autumn/Winter collection 2010 is out, and it looks very exciting indeed! It has a mixture of different trends, ranging from this season's delicate lace trend, mixed up with a masculine leather jacket. There is also a lot of layering going on, and one of my personal favourites is an outfit with clog boots (personally, I didn't really like the clog trend but I could definitely see myself wearing those!). Also, the army trend is still on the scene, and fake fur waistcoats are a prominent feature throughout the collection. I hope you're all as excited as me! A few examples:

What is your favourite look? What do you think of the A/W collection?


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, I am now folling yours, it's great.

    I'm not normally a River Island fan, but I actually really like this collection, particularly the first one. And the red jacket is also pretty amazing.

    Lydia xxx


  2. The first one:) I love the dress, the socks and of course her red hair!

  3. thanks for comment in my blog! I'm your follower now I hope you want to be mine too;)



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