Monday, 17 May 2010

What would Daisy Lowe wear?

English Fahion model Daisy Lowe (daughter of Pearl Lowe, a singer/songwriter turned fashion designer, and Gavin Rossdale, the front man for the band Bush) has agreed to show the world what she is wearing for every day of this month. She's renowned for sparking controversy through her daring outfits and her love for vintage pieces. I've picked a few of my personal favourites (more can be found on the Vogue website: Oh! And I can definitely recommend looking into what Olivia Palermo was wearing during April's edition.

6th of May: 'Today I have on a Percival jumper and Hudson jeans with a Chanel jacket and an Alexander Wang bag'. - I love the casualness of this outfit. I love it when girls go out in their jeans with a simple jacket, because sexy doesn't always have to mean 'dressing up'. 

 10th of May: 'I'm on a road trip around the US, here I am hanging by the pool in Palm Springs with Jaime Winstone. I'm wearing a Philip Lim bikini with mirrored sunnies from St Mark's Place in New York, a belt from Geminola, also in NY, and Jaime's denim waistcoat'. - And again, simple but stunning. Loving the glasses, loving the waistcoat (it's always a good thing to have friends with nice clothes!).

13th of May: 'My beautiful vintage dress is from (amazing website - don't really want to give away that secret but there you go!) and my headpiece is by the very talented Kate Thompson from San Diego'. - I checked out the website and it has some amazing stuff on it...but indeed, as you might have expected, very very expensive!


  1. ahhh...yeah!!
    I love daisy lowe too!


  2. Yeah she's gorgeous isn't she? Thanks for commenting on my blog!:)


  3. I've been following vogue practically every day. I love the fact that they take us into the "Every Day look" of celebrities. My favorite was probably Alexa Chung, but i rly like Daisy Lowe as well :)
    Love your blog btw


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