Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Crystal Renn for Tush

Crystal Renn proves once again that you do not have to be a size zero to look absolutely stunning! The so-called 'plus size model' (according to the fashion industry) did this amazing shoot photographed by Armin Morbach for the German magazine 'Tush'. I love these pictures, they are sexy and I love the Chanel details (earrings, bracelet, etc.). Furthermore, it's good to have a role model out there for young girls to show them that it's alright not to look like a stick figure! Also, she's such an inspiration after how she overcame an eating disorder (she only weighed seven stone at a certain point) and decided to go back to a healthy size 16. What do you think of these pictures? And furthermore: How do you feel about plus size models in the fashion industry?


  1. Its so refreshing to see a healthy looking model...Crystal Renn is stunning in these pictures.SarahD

  2. The pictures are gorgeous, I agree Crystal Renn looks so healthy. Its about time that the fashion world recognises that just because you're plus-size doesn't mean you are not interested in fashion. I'm in the size 16 and over range, not by choice and its really frustrating to be limited to a small number of fashionable shops that cater for larger sizes. I know Crystal has been a spokesperson for Evans and I've really liked the Beth Ditto range for Evans, I just wish that more stores and magazines would feature more plus size options.

  3. I really love those Chanel earrings she's wearing.

  4. She looks amazing

    Lydia xxx

  5. What is considered to be "plus size" should be the industry standard. I would love to see more models of her size doing print work.



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