Friday, 28 May 2010

My outfit today...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been very busy revising for my last exam of the year. So now that is over and done with, it's officially summer and I'll have loads of time to post new items on my blog! My outfit for today was quite special, as I'm the kind of person who dresses up for an exam (one of my weird traits I'm afraid, I always believe that if you're going to fail an exam, you better do it in style). My jacket and dress are both finds from River Island. I really like the dress, the colour is quite neutral so it can go with almost everything. The details on the front also give it an 'army' feel to it. The jacket is, very suprising, made out of lace and cream coloured.

The rest of my outfit consists of one more essential thing: Topshop mint coloured nail varnish. Even though I find the colour quite extreme (it isn't something I'd usually go for), I really like it. Both rings are also from Topshop.

What do you think of my outfit for the day? And. perhaps more importantly: what do you think of the mint coloured nail varnish: a yes or a definite no?


  1. Love your outfit and the nail varnish is a definate yes, it's such a lovely colour. I really like your view, 'If your going to fail an exam, better do it in style.'

    Lydia xxx

  2. The nailpolish is definitely a yes, looks great for summer.

  3. Love both your outfit and the mint nailpolish. I always think that if you dress up, you will do better in college work.:)SarahD

  4. Lovelovelove the jacket!

  5. The jacket is very special, love it!


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