Thursday, 20 May 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop (again!)

And I like it! Yesterday Topshop launched, yet again, one of Kate Moss's collections and it definitely did not disappoint. As always it is vintage-inspired and resembles clothing that Kate Moss would (reportedly) wear herself. This summer collection consists mostly of feminine, soft pastel colours and a lot of lace! The prices range between £30 and £180 pounds, which means it is affordable for almost everyone (although I have to say, the nicest pieces are unfortunately quite expensive)! I personally love the maxi dresses and playsuits, because they fit in nicely with this season's trends. And my favourites are....

1. Cream Lace Dress, £150

2. Embroidered Cape, £70

 3. Silk Playsuit, £75

4. Ruffle Maxi, £150

5. Angel Sleeve Lace Dress, £70


  1. The top three are my favourites.
    Especially the cream dress, I really want that.

    Lydia xxx

  2. the silk playsuit is absolutely lush ! love it x but way too much money sadly :(

    better than her last collection, I must say :)))
    x x x x x

  3. i like it:) the embroidery and cream theme are really nice!

  4. aww thankyou! following you too:)

  5. Thanks for the comment- I am now following you too sweetie :)

    AND in response to your question I am 5"11/6ft....huggggee haha

    Maybe you could add me to your blog link list if you like what you see?
    I have a feeling your blog is going to take off big time- you style is great <3

  6. I do like Kate's collections, there are some great pieces in this one, but they always seem pretty much the same, no?

  7. True, she does have a distinct style. Would you want to see her do something more original and daring Coco?

  8. cute blog :X:X

  9. love the playsuit! but quite expensive for what it's actually worth =\

    A girl can wish! love your blog - followed!

    check mine out if you wish :)

  10. thanks for your comment
    ohh adore this new collection, the layered maxi is absolutely stunning..
    living in australia unfortunately makes it all a little more inaccessable and expensive!

    we have very similar tastes, so thanks for finding us x


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