Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Leonie's favourites for the summer

1. Bleached denim
Whether that's a bleached denim jacket or jeans, you cannot go wrong this season with having at least one bleached denim piece in your wardrobe. And to be honest; what doesn't feel more comfortable than a good pair of jeans (and still is fashionable at the same time)?

2. Studs
On anything really! I have picked an example from the Topshop website which showed these gorgeous studded-sandals, but studs on heels or bags is absolutely fine.  

3. Ankle boots 
I am absolutely in love with ankle boots this season, because they are such a nice basic thing to have! They go well with skinny jeans for a casual look, but can dress up an outfit combined it with a skirt or dress. A nice heel makes it extra feminine. These ones are available at

4. Playsuits
My favourite trend for this season is definitely the playsuit! There are loads around this summer and they are quite safe to wear, seeing that some might look like dresses when you're wearing them. So even though they have pipes, they still look very stylish and feminine. Furthermore, with the right pattern and shape it will suit almost every body size! Another thing which is great about playsuits, is how easily you can wear them casually, and how you can transform them into something you can wear whilst having a night out on the town. Wear it casually with bangles, a straw trilby hat and some gladiator sandals for that ultimate 'festival chique' look. But, you can also glam it up and wear it out clubbing by wearing it with some statement jewelry and killer heels.The playsuit below is from Topshop.

5. Stripes
A classic. You cannot go wrong with some horizontal stripes this season to go for the sailor look! And the great thing is that it's very easy to accessorize with; almost every sort of jewellery would look great with a striped top.

6. Nude colours
One of my other favourites for this spring and summer are nude colours. Because some nude tones are considered neutral, they go well when combined with other colours. But make sure when wearing nude colours that the garments are not too tight; seeing that you don't want to look naked (it should not look like another layer of skin)! I love this jacket (again, from the Topshop site...I might have a small obsession), and I'd personally style it with some skinny jeans and dark coloured flats. Put your hair up, add a headband and you're good to go!  

7. Shorts
Oh dear. The time has come; and I'm afraid that we have to get our pale, wintry legs out again...because the shorts are back. Not everyone is a big fan, but when the right model is picked it should flatter most people! One of this seasons trends are the tailored shorts, just above the knee, which would be great for people who are insecure about their legs. For those who aren't scared about showing off their legs, shorts like the one below would be a good suggestion (and it also has the extremely popular floral trend mixed in there).

8. Statement jewellery
 There isn't a lot I can say about this, just that the bigger, bolder pieces can definitely dress up any boring outfit. Whether that's for work or for casual outfits, adding a bold necklace or earrings will make you stand out from the crowd (Necklace: Miss Selfridge).

9. Jumpsuits
Jumpsuits are a bit like Marmite; you either love them or you hate them! When they first came out this season I wasn't quite sure what to think of them, but after seeing them more and more on the streets of Britain, I am convinced and am determined to get one myself! This jumpsuit below is from (cheap, but still stylish), and is also a perfect example of how it should be styled (statement necklace, and some gladiator sandals).

10. Ray-Bans 
And finally, my favourite accessory; these Ray-ban sunglasses. I don't think they have ever gone out of fashion; and they look pretty hot on guys! They are the perfect summer accessory. They are very expensive (most Ray-Bans are around a 110 pounds), but do not despair; there are similar and much cheaper models everywhere, from Topshop to H&M!   

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