Monday, 22 November 2010

Crystal Renn for Harper's Bazaar: Plus-Size or Not?

These are only a few of the images of Crystal Renn, featured in the December Issue of Harper's Bazaar. Yet they have caused quite a stir, as former 'plus-size' model Crystal has now slimmed down...well, let's just say: A LOT. It is evident that there is hardly anything left of the former size 14 model; and as an international symbol of hope for change in the fashion industry, these pictures show quite the opposite. She has spoken out various times on being a 'plus-size' model, and has promoted acceptance at any size. She's even been known to have said that the fashion industry is finally changing and is open to a new ideal; ''it’s about a personality and a moment’s not about body size, it’s about talent and effort''. Unfortunately, this statement somehow doesn't seem to convince me. But, I cannot deny that the editorial looks amazing; I personally believe that she looks stunning at any size, whether that be 'plus-size' or straight size. Still, it feels like a shame that in some way the diversity is gone; plus-size models seem to be a dying breed. 

What do you think; is it a shame that Crystal no longer is a plus-size model? What do you think of the editorial? Would you like to see more normal sized models in fashion magazines and on the catwalk? Please leave a comment, and do not forget to follow!


  1. She is a stunning woman. I do believe that she is the type to look good in any size.

  2. This makes me really sad, Crystal Renn and Sophie Dahl were trail-blazers for the plus sizes, now they are unrecognisable. I would rather see more normal sized models in the magazines just at least to get an idea of how the clothes would suit a normal figure.

  3. she is quite thin now but she may have just lost weight for health reasons.

  4. beautiful editorial

  5. Wow, ik wist helemaal niet dat zij zo was afgevallen! Ik vind dat ze het zelf moet weten hoe ze eruitziet, maar meer plaats voor plus-zise modellen vind ik zeker goed.

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  8. Wow!
    I didnt even know about this. I have to say those dresses sure are beautiful though. I guess she needed to make some lifestyle change for health. But mags should showcase all body types. XOXO

  9. I agree with the above comments. If it was for health reason, then fair enough. But she looks pretty at any size. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  10. oh I had no idea she lost that much weight... Now I think she isn't really superthin like the other models, but she is not a plus-size model anymore either....
    stunning editorial though :)


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