Saturday, 4 December 2010

January Cover Evaluation: Hot or Not?

Verdict: So-so! If there is one thing I would say about this Japanese Vogue cover, it is that looks very interesting. Whether that is a good or a bad thing, I'm not quite sure yet! I love the pose, yet I'm not enthused about her hair; it looks too flat, so a bit of volume would have been better. Furthermore, her outfit is a bit over-the-top; the combination of the hair and crazy dress is just too much. Definitely a nice try though.

Verdict: Hot! Normally I don't really approve of the way most women are represented on men's magazines, but this one just changed my mind completely. I love the styling, and the subtle yet seductive pose (without showing off too much cleavage!). Besides, Rihanna is definitely one of the hottest  and most successful artists out there at the moment, and has something different about her in comparison to all of those other bland R'n'B singers.

Verdict: Not! Now this is cover is what you'd expect on a cheap and nasty men's magazine! There is so much which I dislike about this particular cover that I'm not quite sure where to start. First of all, the colour pallet they have chosen for the front cover is just dreadful; yellow and purple do not mix well together. Secondly, I feel bad for Ashley Greene; her look isn't exactly fashionable or classy. This may sound  horrible, but the combination of the low cleavage and hot pants make her look...well, like a prostitute (I can't make it sound any better unfortunately). Cosmopolitan needs to fire their stylist, pronto! 

Verdict: Hot! Now this is a cover done right- her make-up looks amazing; I'm loving the red and blue contrast; and I love the simpleness of the cover. No screaming banners, nothing extremely sexual or over-the-top: just 'what's modern now'. The whole concept just oozes class. Furthermore, I'm a huge fan of Emily Blunt; besides the fact that she's stunning and British, she is an incredible actress and am convinced she will go very far!

What do you think of these January covers? Which one is your favourite? Please leave a message, and don't forget to follow!


  1. I guess the vogue one is 'directional' if thats your thing, and I'm a bit underwhelmed by the middles ones...
    but MY OH MY! Emily Blunt on Harpers Bazaar has totally just made my sunday morning:) such a beautiful soft photo and classy too, im so sick of 'sexy' poses on covers.
    Lush, thanks for posting!:)

  2. Hello ptretty!
    I love all these covers!
    cute and interesting post!

  3. The last cover with Emily Blunt is definitely my favorite! I don't like Cosmo's covers; I despise them most of time! xxooxxoxo

  4. Out of these 4.. Emily's cover wins for sure :) Love it!!



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